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Chinese Medicine Therapies Help to Reduce Proteinuria and Times of Dialysis

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-04-15 14:01

Chinese Medicine Therapies Help to Reduce Proteinuria and Times of DialysisThere is a real case about then patient which still in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital now.

He is a young man 25 years old now. The proteinuria has been bothered him for three years. At the first, he was treated in the local hospital and was diagnosed with Chronic glomerulonephritis. While he did not keep focus on the illness, so that he did not take any treatment in the early stage.

Until one year and six moth ago, that he was appeared the proteinuria increased and have the symptoms of headache, vomiting, then he treated in Islamabad Center Hospital. He was appeared Diffuse renal disease, and diagnosed as Chronic glomerulonephritis and chronic kidney failure and some other complications.

He stared the dialysis form that time, but with the dialysis treatment that his urine values become more and more less, the condition were not really good. So that, in order to take a more effective and further treatment, he came to our hospital to accepted the Chinese Medicine Therapies.

The experts had make a detail plan for him include Chinese Medicine Therapies and Oral Chinese Medicine.

After a period of treatment, that his condition improved significantly. You can see the difference in a single report about him. His creatinine level reduced to 288umol/L from 949umol/L, Urea nitrogen reduced to 4.4mmol/L from 22.1mmol/L. Proteinuria and other complications were improved well now. His whole state of mind has been greatly improved.

His treatment still continue, we all believe that he will be fine in the end, and the condition will be controlled well. He will live a more healthy life even still with disease.

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