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Lovely Child From Kuwait at Our Hospital Gets Health

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2016-01-05 09:04

Lovely Child at Our Hospital Gets HealthHe is Jack, come from Kuwait. He is a Nephrotic Syndrome. At the begining, he had some many symptoms such as vomiting, fatigue and high creatinine. His father worried about his illness very much. but he find hope at our hospital.

He gets more healthier and happiness with our doctors. Jack is lovely and like smiling in daily life.

Jack accepted our Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, which is alternative treatment that is used to treat kidney disease most of tome. It is characterized by external application of Chinese Medicine and aims at remedying the renal damages fundamentally. It can control the inflammatory response, relieve hypertension and clean the renal internal environment. Companied with other adjuvant treatments, it can remedy the renal damages, improve renal function and promote renal repair.

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