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A Weak Canada CKD Patient in our Hospital

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-16 09:31

A Weak Canada CKD Patient in our HospitalNehru comes from Canada, who is suffering form CKD. He looks so weak and he is sitting in the wheelchair. He told us that he is so painful and hope we can save him. Without to say, everyone wants gain a healthy body, and since Nehru comes our hospital, we will try our best to help him.

We did an elaborate examination for Nehru, and the report told that his creatinine level is 391ummol/l, urea nitrogen is 23.9mmol/l, UA level is 515umol/l. And there are a lot of painful symptoms accompany him. He slept all day, and there are serious swelling around his eyes, and he can’t see clearly. Beside that he also was tormenting by the itch skin.

Chinese medical treatments for Nehru

In view of Nehru’s conditions, our experienced doctor arranged special treatments for him. We decide to combine the Chinese medical herbs and western treatments. The first therapy for him is the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can deal with kidney disease form root. There are some micro Chinese powders in this therapy which can be sent to the damaged kidney parts though the advanced equipments. So the impaired kidney cells and tissues will recover a lot, and the kidney function also can improve. We also can apply the Medicated Bath to Nehru. Applying this therapy, Nehru just needs to soak into the hot medical bath, than a lot of toxic substance will flow away with the sweat. One of the most important function of this therapy is promoting the whole blood circulation.

Great effects to Nehru after our treatments

Nehru had gain great effects from our Chinese medical treatments. His creatinine level decline to 295umol/l, urea nitrogen level decline to 15.5mmol/l, and UA level decline to 214umol/l. And he seems stronger than before, he always talks with us. The most important thing is that, he doesn’t need the wheelchair anymore, he can stand up and see the beautiful world.

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