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An Abroad Diabetic Nephropathy Patient in our Hospital

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-13 16:02

An Abroad Diabetic Nephropathy Patient in our HospitalFulla, a Diabetic Nephropathy patienrts, comes from Tanzania, who has been tormented by the diabetic nephropathy for so many years. So he determined comes to china and tried the Chinese medical treatments

Primary examination for Fulla

The specific examination for Fulla is the basic step for us to treat his disease. And the reports tells that his creatinine level is 196umol/l, uric acid level is 536umol/l, and the blood pressure fluctuate in 140-150/80-90. What’s more? Fulla always fell fatigue and tired, he has the pale face, poor eyesight and difficult urinate. Which make him so painful and almost lose the faith to live.

Chinese medical treatment for Fulla

After discussing by our experienced doctors, we had arranges different Chinese medical treatments for Fulla. The first step is the oral chinese medical soup, which is supposed to be drank by Fulla everyday. This soup has strong function of detoxification and which also can activate the narrow blood vessels. Next is the Medicated Bath, which can help Fulla discharge so many harmful waste out of body and promote the whole blood circulation. At last is the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy , this therapy can treat kidney disease from root, because some micro Chinese powders can be sent to the surface of the damaged kidney, and repair the injured kidney cells and tissues. They will turn to normal and work for the body again. Some of the blocked kidney vessels will be opened by our Chinese medicine. Then the kidney function of Fulla is improved a lot.

Reexamination after our treatments for Fulla

After one month treating, the conditions of Fulla has been improved a lot. His creatinine level declines to 163umol/l, uric acid decrease to 353umol/l, and his blood pressure get to normal. The most important thing is that he has energy to enjoy his life. At last he goes to his country happily.

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