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A 73 Years Old Uremia Man form Iraq

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-11-10 13:49

A 73 Years Old Uremia Man form IraqUremia is a so scared disease for us. While it is so unfortunately for Bob, a 73 years old man form Iraq, to be diagnosed with the uremia. As well as, Bob also are suffering form other painful diseases, including of heart failure and diabetic. In view of which, Bob’s son decided to bring Bob to china and try our Chinese medial treatments.

Primary diagnosis for Bob in our hospital

The examine report tells that Bob’s conditions are so serious, and he has the life risk at any time. These is serious swelling in both lower extremities. The creatinine level is 867umol/l, urea nitrogen level is 28.2mmol/l, UA(uric acid) level is 485umol/l. Bob told us, he did the dialysis three times a week and his urine volume just is 300ml.

Chinese medical treatments for Bob

According to Bob’s condition, we decide to apply the “four one” Chinese traditional treatment and Medicated Bath for him.

“four one” Chinese traditional treatment are four special Chinese medical treatments, they are a kettle of oral Chinese medicine, a dose of micro Chinese medicine, a bottle of Maikang composition and a basin of Chinese medical foot bath. Each of them has special effects to kidney disease patients. And the medicated bath is great Chinese medial treatment in our hospital, which is boiled by various kinds of Chinese medical herbs. Through soaking in this hot medical bath, the patients can remove a lot of harmful waste out of body. And the active Chinese medicine also can penetrated into the damaged kidney parts and repair the injure kidney cells and tissues.

Second diagnosis for Bob

After applying our treatments, Bob’s conditions have great changes. The creatinine level form 867umol/l decline to 664umol/l, urea nitrogen level from 28.2mmol/l decline to 14.5mmol/l, UA(uric acid) level from 485umol/l decline to 284umol/l. and now, he just to do the dialysis one time a week. And he can produce 500-700ml urine every day.

Bob and his son leaved our hospital some days ago. And they always communicated with us by video chat, they often ask us questions. Bob is one of our patients family member. There are so many other abroad kidney disease patients have gain healthy form our hospital. If you want to know more information about us, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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