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A Boxing Athlete in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-10-31 14:58

A Boxing Athlete in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease HospitalJack, a Russian boxing athlete, is very famous in Russia. He loves his career and he enjoys his life. However, he was attracted by the Kidney Failure, which just like a nightmare. He has to give up his career. In order to pursue his dream, he seeks the treatments for kidney failure all the time. So he came to the Shijiazhuang kidney disease hospital of china, which specialized in treating kidney failure with natural Chinese medical treatments.

Symptoms before applying the Chinese medical treatments

We did the physical examination for Jack, the medical reports of jack show that, his creatinine level is 711umol/l, hemoglobin level is 69g, protein is 4+, and occult blood is 2+. Jack only produces 30-49ml urine everyday. Beside that, Jack are suffering from a lot of painful symptoms, such as anemia, itch skin, back pain, swollen, pale face and so on. form which, Jack is so weak, and he eats little foot everyday.

Chinese medical treatments for Jack

According to the conditions of Jack, our experienced doctors arrange the “four plus seven” Chinese medical treatments. Which is a purely natural treatment in our hospital. And it always be used to reverse the kidney function and avoid the dialysis. The “four” refers to a bottle of Maikang Composition, an oral Chinese Medicine, a dose of external application and a basin of foot bath with Chinese medicine. The “seven” are seven external applications, including Steaming Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy, Medicated Bath, Enema Therapy, Frangrance Therapy. These treatments can help repair the damaged kidney cells and tissues, expand the blood vessels and improve the immune system.

Symptoms after applying the Chinese medical treatments

After seven days treatments, there are obvious effects to Jack. His creatinine level form 711umol/l decline to 560umol/l, hemoglobin level form 69g rising to 71g, protein level form 4+ decline to 3+. The symptoms of anemia, itch skin, back pain, swollen, pale face all recover a lot.

Jack is not a patient of us, he is also a friend of us. He makes friends with our doctors and nurse, and live a happy life in our hospital. The most important thing is that, his conditions get better than before. If you are attracted by our Chinese medical treatments, you can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882


It is quite hard to fight against kidney disease for a long time. Now, a lot of kidney experts here try to give biggest help for kidney patients. If you have some questions about any kind of kidney disease, welcome to contact us by the following ways.

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