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A Newly Born to Karimullah—a Kidney Transplant Patient Comes from Afghan

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-10-24 14:26

A Newly Born to Karimullah—a Kidney Transplant Patient Comes from AfghanKarimullah is 38 years old, he has been diagnosed with the seriously kidney stones twenty years ago. So we can guess how painful his life was for the twenty years. And now he still suffers form the kidney disease, sometimes he wants to give up. But he also wants try the Chinese medical treatments which can deal with a lot of the difficult diseases. So he came to china and come to our hospital.

The primary check for Karimullah in our hospital

In order to know clearly the conditions of the patients, so every patient comes to our hospital needs to do a comprehensive check. The check for Karimullah shows that urea nitrogen level is 50.7mmol/l, the creatinine level is 3290umol/l which is a surprise number, and the uric acid level is 759umol/l. At the same time, there also are blood urine and proteinuria, serious edema, headache to Karimullah.

Chinese medical treatments to Karimullah

According to Karimullah’s conditions, our doctors make specific treating plan for him. In the morning, Karimullah is supposed to drink the Maikang composition which is a oral medicine soup made by some Chinese medical herbs. It has the function of anti-thrombosis and anti-aging. There also is the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, which can treat the kidney disease from the root. Some micro Chinese medicine can be sent to the internal kidney in this therapy, Then the damaged kidney cells and tissues will be repaired. And the immune system will be improved by these Chinese medicine. At night, Karimullah should do a Chinese Medicated Bath which is so comfortable. Though soaking, a lot of the harmful waste can be taken out of the body with the sweat. And the whole blood circulation will be improved.

Curative effects of Karimullah

After one mouth treating, the results are that: urea nitrogen level from 50.7mmol/l declines to 15.3mmol/l, creatinine level form 3290umol/l declines to 547umol/l, and the uric acid level from 759umol/l declines to 135umol/l. And the dialysis times reduce a lot than before.

Karimullah gets better and better after applying our Chinese medical treatments, and he said to us “the Chinese medical treatments make him reborn, I will introduce the Chinese medical treatments to more kidney disease patients.” if you also is a kidney disease patient, you can try the Chinese medical treatments in china. You can send emails to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com , or add my viber/whatsapp +86 13503211882.


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