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Slow Process of TCM Helps Remedy Kidney Disease Fundamentally

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-25 10:23

SULAIMAN is a retired worker and he comes from OMAN MUSCAT. He was diagnosed with Diabetes 23 years ago, at that time, the blood sugar level was 13mmol/L. 20 years ago, blood pressure was detected 185/95mmHg. And 10 years ago, the urine protein 2+ and occult blood. Diabetic Retinopathy was detected 9 years ago; after one year, the vision of his right eye disappeared gradually. Swelling in lower limbs, palpitation and difficult breathing after doing some movements appeared 1 year ago. Hemoglobin level was 116g/L, urine protein 3+, and serum creatinine level was 338umol/l, blood uric acid was 260umol/L, HBALC was 8% and GFR level was 24mL/min. Diabetic Nephropathy and CKD-4 were diagnosed. Because the condition could not be controlled well, so he came to China.
Slow Process of TCM Helps Remedy Kidney Disease Fundamentally

Swelling, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and too much toxins, anemia and cardiac insufficiency were the symptoms he had, western medicines like levamlodipine besylate and Urapidil Sustained-release Tablets were used to reduce blood pressure; Ketosteril was used to supply essential amino-acid and lower urea nitrogen level; EPO and chalybeate were used to correct anemia; Chinese herbal medicines were used to protect kidney function and eliminate the toxins in the body.

When he left China, the blood pressure was controlled into 150/60mmHg, FBG was maintained into 5-8mmol/L, creatinine level was declined to 234umol/L.

Now we can know that the treatment he received in China include most parts of the treatment in other countries, the difference is the application of Chinese herbal medicine. Though the treatment effect of Chinese herbal medicine is a little slow to be seen, the disease can be treated from the root. Every Diabetic Nephropathy patient should learn more about this different treatment.


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