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Chinese Medicine Helps Relieve PKD and Improve Living Quality

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-24 10:24

PULAK DUTTA is from India, he was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) seven years ago, and he had suffered intermittent backache and blood in urine for three years. He learned about a half of PKD patients develop End Stage Renal Disease by 70 years of age, and he was told that there were no cure for PKD in India. So he made this trip to China for PKD treatment.
Chinese Medicine Helps Relieve PKD and Improve Living Quality

At that time, because of the enlargement of cysts, the double kidneys got an increase in volume. Left kidney: 222×93×102mm; right kidney: 238×105×112mm; the biggest cyst on right kidney: 71×61mm; the biggest cyst on left kidney: 41×42mm; stone in right kidney: 5×5mm; stone in left kidney: 10×5mm; hemoglobin: 105g/L; triglyceride: 6.05mmol/L; ALT: 49U/L.

Taking Fenofibrate Capsules orally to lower blood fat, oral Chinese medicine was used to remove urinary calculus, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy was applied to shrink the cysts and improve immunity. Moreover, anemia was corrected.

After the treatment, left kidney: 214×88×100mm; right kidney: 230×100×112mm; the biggest cyst on right kidney: 66×65mm; the biggest cyst on left kidney: 41×33mm; stone in right kidney: 5.8×3.7mm; stone in left kidney: 6×4mm; hemoglobin level increased to 113g/L, triglyceride level reduced to 1.35mmol/L and ALT declined to 17U/L.

The most important thing for PKD patients is to shrink the cysts and enhance kidney function. Though there are no cures for PKD, but proper treatment can help PKD patients prevent Kidney Failure and improve the quality of life.


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