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I Will Never Forget All My Cute and Kind Patients

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-23 16:22

My name is Liu Qian, I am a nurse. Here I would like to share a story between an old lady and me. She comes from Yemen, and she was diagnosed with chronic glomerulonephritis, stage 5 CKD. Yes, she had started dialysis. Because she could not bear dialysis any more, she came to China for new treatment and this made us met each other.
I Will Never Forget All My Cute and Kind Patients

Injection was something she was afraid of most, especially in the dialysis room, she was so scared that she could cry all the time and no one could stop her crying, of course except me. I would accompany her, talk with her and speak a joke to her, we hand in hand to feel each other’s temperature, then she could stop crying gradually.

You would never know that she has already been 66 years of age, but she was like a child. As a primary nurse, I accompanied her all day long in her ward, giving her Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, monitoring her vital signs and cleaning up the room and so on. Once I walked out the ward, she would look around for me. If she failed, you could hear “Amy, Amy, Amy…..”. I appeared when I heard her voice, then we went back to the ward hand in hand. Sometimes I could do massage for her to make her relax. She looked like my grandmother, I would never forget such a kind and cute old lady.


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