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Best Therapy for PKD without Side Effects in China

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-22 15:08

I am Stefanos, 44 years of age, and I am from Greece. Well I am a patient with PKD, there are no doctors in my country who give me a chance of recovery, you know the only solution for PKD in Greece is to wait for dialysis or kidney transplant. I believe that every kidney disease patients wants to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, which forces my trip to China for treatment.
Best Therapy for PKD without Side Effects in China

I have never been China before, to be honest, I would be a little scared when I thought of coming to China. Luckily, I have some Chinese friends, so I asked one of them to get a line on this PKD treatment in China. If he said yes, I would go; while if he told me no, I would not go.

Before I came to China for this PKD treatment, my creatinine level was 4.25mg/dl, after one month and a half treatment, the creatinine level has been lowered to 3.4mg/dl. And the size of my biggest cyst declined to 5cm from 7cm, and the size of my kidney declined to 19cm from 23cm. The treatment for PKD here was the best treatment I had never imagined, it was very different from that I used to be treated in Greece. I decided to call my uncle who also suffered from PKD to come to China for treatment.


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