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Real Story of an India Girl – Her Wish on Father's Day

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-17 09:12

Real Story of an India Girl – Her Wish on Father's Day“My father is getting better and better day by day, which is greatest evangel for our whole family. He has experienced too much hardship.” said Briya. Her best wish is that she can take her father to capital of China, enjoying a true traveling.

Briya, 27 years old, is an India girl. Her 59 year-old father is a coordinator in local station. Owing to his Kidney Disease, he comes to China to receive treatments from India. On that day, in ward of Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital, Briya says, taking her father’s by the arm, “my father is always busy and he pays a lot for us since we are children. Now I have my work and want to travel and walk around with him. But I never thought that the first journey abroad with my father is for treating the disease.”

According to Briya, in 2014, her father has known that he suffered from kidney disease. And he fFollowed the doctor's advice, but the disease is getting worse. The family want him to request for a long vacation to see a doctor, yet he thought that it will effect his work and refused this.

“Up to 2015, his condition is getting worse obviously. Then he had to put work aside and receive treatments.” Briya said. She participated in a seminar in England, Chinese Medical and was admire to Chinese Medicine. So she took her father to China and wanted to receive Chinese medicine to cure kidney disease.

Mentioned her father, Briya describes her father with two words: dedicated to his work and cherish his girls. She told to our reporter that her father has never been complained in his professional career and is also serious for his job. “Women and girl in India have low social status. So, few families pay attention to the training for girls. But my father cultivates us.” Briya says. She and her sister not only receive higher education. At the same time, freedom to marry is the best gift in our life.

According to his attending doctor, Dr. Yang, patent’s disease condition is quite serious that sisters have to take care of him and hardly have the rest time. The sisters never tired of it, always smiling and laughing, and said that our father is a child and we should take card of him like this.

“I want to make a hearty Indian lunch for father.” Briya said. Father loves to be like hill. The deepest wish is that her father can be healthy and longevous.


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