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Real Story of My First Trip to China for Treatment – Part 2

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-16 16:35

Can I get rid of the back and side pain? Can my renal cysts be shrunk? Taking these two doubts, my wife and I arrive at the hospital accompanied by their doctor after several hours. The doctor first takes us to fill in the registration card and then we reach the ward which is bright, large and beautiful. I think this means I begin to accept treatment.
Real Story of My First Trip to China for Treatment – Part 2

The next day, my nurse takes me to do a detailed examination and then my chief doctor Wang comes to see me. At start, I don’t want to communicate with him too much, because I can’t trust him completely. However, Dr. Wang analyses my disease to me detailedly and tirelessly, and quite part of his analysis is the things I never heard before. However, I believe his analysis is right, because it accords with my condition. From then on, I would like to talk with him and abide by his order.

Later, Dr. Wang tells to me that my PKD has caused some stones produced in my kidney, and eliminating these stones is very important to relieve my back pain and remit my condition. Then, he decides to use herbal medicine treatment to remove these stones. The herbal medicine treatment use both oral taking medicine and external application medicine. The doctor prepares a small bag full of herbal medicines and put it under my body every day. The only thing, I need to do, is to lie in bed comfortably. After a period of treatment, I can already sit in bed without a pillow, and my back pain has been relieved.

This morning, dear Dr. Wang takes my urine to me. I am surprised to find that my kidney stone and some clots both have eliminated out of my body. The following picture is my stones dissolved by herbal medicine treatment.
kidney stones

The next picture shows my clots eliminate through the urine.


Now, traditional Chinese medicine treatment helps me to live without any pain. I hope my renal cysts can be shrunk in the following treatment. Getting ride of the nervous tension, I am full of expectance for my following treatment.


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