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Real Story of My First Trip to China for Treatment – Part 1

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-16 10:34

I come from India and I was diagnosed with Polycystic Kidney Disease several years ago. In the beginning, I don’t have any symptom, so my doctor only recommended me to develop a healthy diet and do physical examination regularly. However, I start to have back pain recently. What’s more, I will have a severe pain if I sit in bed without a pillow under my bottom.

“How should I do to relieve my pain?” I asked my doctor. He told me that the best treatment is to shrink the renal cysts and surgery is able to puncture them with a few dangers. After some minutes, he added that you can try some Chinese herbal remedies which may be able to shrink your renal cysts.
Real Story of My First Trip to China for Treatment – Part 1

After returning home, my wife and I search a lot of information about traditional Chinese medicine. Once thinking of I may have to go abroad to treat my PKD, I feel very nervous. I am afraid persons in that country are not friendly or they don’t treat me carefully, so my wife and I hesitate. The continuous back and side pain urges me to make a decision immediately. Then, my wife contacts a hospital after a careful consideration and buys two plane tickets to China.

This is my first trip to China to treat my PKD. In the plane, either my wife or I don’t have a good rest, because both of us are nervous and worried about my treatment. How will my trip to China be? Can my PKD be remitted? I am eager to know.


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