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A Faith of Nurse: I Want to Make My Patients Feel at Home

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-25 15:18

With a strong sense of mission, I began to work as a nurse several years ago. In these years, I have taken care of many patients from various countries including India, Australia, Saudi Arabia, etc. It also makes me quite happy to give them the best nursing care. I love each of my patients and my ordinary work, which gives me many unforgettable moments. A Faith of Nurse: I Want to Make My Patients Feel at Home

In recent days, a new patient with Polycystic Kidney Disease from India came to our hospital. I know it is the first time that he comes to China, so he must be nervous and feel strange to the new environment. To make him feel at home, I went to the supermarket to buy many life essentials for my new patient before he arrived. In the day which the patient deplaned, I and my colleagues bringing a bunch of flowers to welcome him and his wife. Each of us was looking forward to their coming, so we didn’t feel the cold wind or the big snow. When they came out of the plane and saw us standing in the snow, they were so moved that can’t say any word. They gave us a big embrace. I will remember this moment all my life.
A Faith of Nurse: I Want to Make My Patients Feel at Home

Now, this patient recovers very well. The doctor says he can leave our hospital several days later. After hearing this news, we are all very excited. It is the happiest thing for us to see another patient recover. Wish everyone can have a good health!


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