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An Unforgettable Trip for PKD Treatments in China

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-11 16:06

I am a patient with Kidney Cyst, and I am from Poland. I had to say that this trip to China for treatment was unforgettable. It helped me know further about Chinese culture. Well, if you are also interested in Chinese culture, then follow me and feel this amazing trip.

Now you can see that I am doing Taijiquan. I was told that doing Taijiquan can help people improve blood circulation, enhance immunity, relieve fatigue and so on. If there is the elegant and beautiful music when doing Taijiquan, that feeling is amazing. The mild movements can make your whole body relax. To be honest, it is a little complicated for me, I mean the history of Taijiquan, and there are many kinds of Taijiquan. While doing it, it is not that difficult. See? Do I look like a Taijiquan teacher?

An Unforgettable Trip for PKD Treatments in China

Dumpling is the Chinese traditional food, and I have never eaten it before. Thanks to these cute and kind medical works, I had this chance to enjoy it. They told me that dumpling has its story, and it stands for the good luck and much money, you can see it from its shape, it looks like a shoe-shaped gold ingot, a type of ancient Chinese way, means money. That is interesting. Now you can see I am making dumplings. Can you?

An Unforgettable Trip for PKD Treatments in China

All of these are Chinese traditional foods. Because I was leaving China and also they knew I was interested in Chinese culture very much, they prepared this hearty meal for me. And I enjoyed it very much. I had to say this trip taught me a lot about Chinese culture, and I would never forget it.

An Unforgettable Trip for PKD Treatments in China


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