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A CKD Patient from Australia Fall in Love with Chinese Leavened Pancake

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-10 15:14

Zoran is a kidney disease patient, from Australia. His wife accompanies him here to take care of his daily life. The Chinese food here does not seem to agree with him, except for the leavened pancake.

On one occasion, Zoran’s wife needed to stay in bed because catching a cold, which made her can not care Zoran well. After knowing Zoran’s wife had not packed some clothes for warmth, the head nurse bought a coat for her to resist cold. Zoran’s wife was so moved that she held the head nurse’s hands and said: “you are more considerate than my daughter, and it is you who makes me feel no longer cold in the winter”.

A CKD Patient from Australia Fall in Love with Chinese Leavened Pancake

After being informed that Zoran likes Chinese leavened pancake most, the kind head nurse cooked by herself for him. Zoran asked for the head nurse strongly to teach his wife how to make the Chinese leavened pancake, in that case, he still could eat this delicious food after returning home.

During his hospitalization, the thoughtful kindness the nurses gave made him moved very much. Zoran said: “Before coming to China for treatment, I am really hesitated, you know, it really needs courage to make such a decision. Now I have to say that it is really a wise choice”.


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