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You Are as Sweet as My Daughter -- Aileen

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-07 11:13

You Are as Sweet as My Daughter -- AileenZoran is from Australia. He comes to our hospital for treatment of kidney disease with the company of his wife, Jenny. During hospitalization, she is in charge of her husband’s daily routine.

Winter seems to come earlier this year in China. It makes us feel so cold. Maybe Jenny is not accustomed to the so cold weather. She catches a serious cold. High fever and headache confines her in bed. The head nurse, Aileen, becomes the nurses of both the husband and the wife. After knowing Jenny does not have warm clothes, she hurries to buy her an overcoat. This makes Jenny so warm in heart.

Zoran does not like eating foods in the hospital canteen. But Jenny is too sick to make meals for him. This makes her worried so much. This is really bad to his recovery. Looking at the helpless expression on Jenny’s face, an idea comes into her mind.

She decides to learn to make Australian dishes. As she wants to Jenny to have a good rest, she decides to learn by herself. After searching on the internet, she begins to try to make meals. It is really hard to learn for a green hand. She knows Zoran’s favorite food so she tries again and again to make it. It is time for lunch. When a delicious dish is provided to Zoran, he feels so surprised. When other patient tells how difficult it is for the Aileen to make the dish. Jenny is so moved. “You are as sweet as my daughter” said Jenny with tears in her eyes.


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