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Do More for Patients That May Save More Lives

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-06-05 09:30

Do More for Patients That May Save More LivesBeing a nurse, we are not great heroes or have not done wonderful deeds. However, we always keep in mind the mission of being a nurse and stick to the spirit of Florence Nightingale. All we do are for the patients no matter how insignificant it is in your eyes.

Kikco, a nice and tender girl impresses so many patients with her kindness.

"I am so grateful to you. You saved my daughter’s life" Bessy’ mother said to Kikco.

Bessy, a Kuwait girl came to our hospital for treatment of diabetes. Uncontrolled blood pressure caused her to lose vision completely. Afflicted with the sufferings, she become very irritable, negative and lost confidence completely.

Once Bessy had a quarrel with her mother during hospitalization. She refused meals and treatment and even hided insulin secretly. The poor mother persuaded her, but it did not work. It made Kikco so worried. She knew how bad the outcome would be if the patient refused diet and treatment. She persuaded Bessy and helped her to calm down.

It was time for lunch. After busy work, other nurses hurried to go for lunch. However, Bessy still refused to have lunch.

"It’s time for lunch, Kikco. Let’s go” Other nurses came to her and asked her to go to canteen. “Bessy has not had lunch. You go to first. Bessy has not had lunch. I will company her until she finishes her meal."

Kikco repeated again and again and told Bessy all her mother did were for her and told her how much we loved her. She wanted Bessy to accept our love and care to her. Kikco acted like a big sister. She held Bessy’s hands and patted her shoulder tenderly and let the patient feel that she was not alone at all. Bessy was moved by this nice nurse finally and brought out the insulin hided by her and gave it to Kikco. She started to have lunch and agreed to continue treatment. Kikco smiled so happily.

Maybe it is an insignificant thing. However, if we do more, maybe we will save more lives.


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