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Sincerest Thanks from A Distance

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-05-08 10:29

Sincerest Thanks from A DistsnceDear FRINDS,

It is hard to go! When I arrived, Emmy told me that you patients do not want like to leave and it was hard to believe it. Now I know!

You changed my life! You improved my movement (a lot! the function of the kidneys goes unbelievably well, but the most important, I think: you opened my minds!!! I will talk to everybody about the Chinese culture, the Chinese medicine, your hospital, you personally: my doctors, my nurses, my translators, my FRIENDS.

Lexi was my nurse, my language, my ears, my mama, my best friend. She deserves all the best in her life! She is very sweet!

Stieven thinks that he is not as good as nurse as Lexi. This is very wrong! He is perfect nurse! He has ALWAYS the patient in his mind! However, he deserves to make his dream true!

Prof. Shan is the most wise man I have seen in my life with the youngest eyes! God bless him!

Director Dai, you are such a nice person! May life pays you all the good you brought to me!

Calm down funny Nancy! You get in the room and the room smiles. I wish you be always that happy!

Dr Li and Dr Zhao, you are very shy! I am sure that you will be very good doctors.

I didn’t forget Dr. Peter. I wish him all the best in his new life!

What can I say for Anna and Cancy? So sweet persons! Girls be happy!

The NURSES! It would be unfair to try to mention all the names. For many of you, I even use different names with my husband, since we couldn’t remember the Chinese. However, EVERY one of you has a special position in my heart. You are the strength and then happiness of this hospital. Here, I met some people with a lot of money. On the other hand, I met the richest people of the world: YOU! You are the so rich in feelings! I couldn’t without noticing that you are happier that the most people with money or success that I know. Thank you for that lesion!

Lexi says that in China between friends there are no sorries. So I will not tell you how I am sorry fir being such a difficult patient at the beginning, because you are my FRIENDS.

However, I will tell you: THANK YOU!!!

Thank you for making me healthy!

Thank you for making me happy!

Thank you for teaching me!

Ergina Kavallieratou


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