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An Excellent Specialist in Nephropathy Sector

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-01-18 15:51

An Excellent Specialist in Nephropathy Sector“There's nothing to tell about myself. I just understand to treat the disease of patients all my life. I am not in the mood to interfere other things. If really need to say, I’d rather say something about the treatments on kidney disease.” President Xie jinyu said in Shijiazhuang Kidney Disease Hospital.

With dozens of years of experience in medical rescue, he devotes his live to treating kidney disease and these patients who need his help.

In many doctors and patient’s eyes, President Xie is just like the “sweeping monk” of “Tian Long Ba Bu.": plain clothes, not interested in fame and fortune, with abundant experience, technique, theory of kidney treatments. When they are facing some difficult problems, he can make a definite diagnosis according to some simple clinical symptoms, make reasonable and effective treat plan and offer scientific treatment recommendations, hwlping patients get rid of the torment of kidney disease.

“I prefer to say some experience on treating kidney disease, hoping this can help more people. There are more and more patients are worsening Kidney Failure due to 2 common reasons. The first is the improper intake of medicine and the second is the ignorance about kidney.” He hopes that more and more patients can get rid of the pain caused by renal disease rather than worsen into uremia.

“I have understood one thing after several years on treating renal disease that is to take a timely and effective treatment to solve the renal problems. The best is to cure it or control it effectively, ensuring it can not deteriorate, which can protect patients from Kidney Failure.” Said President Xie. He refuses the interview about himself and left earnest advice for most of Kidney Disease patients. Then he wears face masks and is going to the ward in which there are many patients who need help.

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