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Letter of Thanks

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-12-06 17:18

Letter of ThanksMy name is Dr. Mohammed Adel Elhasseiny.

I am an Eye Surgeon.

I am Egytian.

I have kidney problems due to hyoertension and diabetes, and I came here 4 weeks ago.

I would like to put in writing some of my observations about the place.

The Hospital here can mix both the Traditional Chinese Medicine and the ordinary medicine in a very comprehensive way, and that include all the modern methods of investigations. Although the Traditional Chinese seems to be completely different form the medicine I know, but it certainly it has its own way in improving the patient condition ands that what I feel now.

The Hospital staffs are very kind and caring especially Professor Zhang, Professor Zhao and Dr. Emma. The nursing staffs are efficient, dedicated and with lovely Personalities especially Shirley (Amar) and OK.

Thanks for everything.

Dr. Mohammed Adel Elhasseiny


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