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Real Kidney Disease Patient Story

With kidney patients’ permission, we share some renal patient stories here. Hope, these successful cases can help you rebuild confidence.

Choose An Alternative Treatment To Help Nephrotic Syndrome Patient Be A Healthy Child

For most of Chronic Renal Failure patients, the election of a better treatment is required to control illness conditions effectively, alleviate the disease and save life. This article will introduce you to a New Friend - Awat, a young boy f...

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Chinese Medicine Helps Protein 3+ Turn To Negative After 15 Days Treatments

Now, i am very happy to share the good news to all kidney disease patients, which will bring the new hope to you. Chinese medicine has thousands years of history in China, which has good effects on treating kidney disease. Following this art...

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Alternative Treatments Treat Membranous Nephropathy Effectively With No Relapse

Here i strongly recommend alternative treatments to treat Membranous Nephropathy effectively, they are also called natural treatments, which has no damage to kidney, no relapse and fast response. Now, i will introduce one patient story, if...

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Chinese Medicine Help Kidney Transplant Patients Prolong Life Expectancy

Name: Tom Age: 38marital Status: Married Nationality: Afghan Civil Status: Disease History: 20 years ago I came to hospital for treating Kidney Stones on both kidneys. 20 years ago came to the hospital for the treatment of kidney Stones in...

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An Unforgettable Christmas in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital

The annual Christmas party has been held in Beijing tongshantang hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. In here, we are a big families not patients and doctors. Here we share some exciting moments for you....

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CKD Patient’s Wife Expressed Their Feelings about TCM Treatment

Here is a patient’s wife expressed her feelings about Chinese medicine, curative effects of Chinese medicine treatments and Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. Let’s see this video together or go on reading thi...

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Kidney Failure Patient from Iran Reduced High Creatinine 896 Naturally

If there is no need to take Kidney Dialysis for Kidney Failure patients, we will do not suggest it. Here we share a real story that a kidney failure patient from Iran reduced his High Creatinine Level 896 umol/L naturally without dialysis....

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Nigerian Patient Avoid Dialysis and Kidney Transplant Successfully

It is a nightmare for Chronic Kidney Disease patients that one day they have to suffer from Kidney Dialysis at their rest of life or do kidney transplant with lifelong immunosuppressant agents. But you still have chance to avoid them success...

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USA Patient Reduced High Creatinine Level with Toxin-Removing Treatment

Many CKD patients take wrong treatment to reduce their High Creatinine Level which has no obvious improvement. Here we share a real treatment case that a patient from USA reduced high creatinine effectively with systematic Toxin-Removing Tre...

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Plan Your Visit: Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Our website is designed to answer most of your questions concerning our hospital and patients. Our doctors are very famous Chinese medicine experts. If you have any doubt in your disease or coming to our hospital for treatment, you can consu...

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