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Rheum Officinale & Polycystic Kidney Disease

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-27 10:16

Rheum Officinale & Polycystic Kidney DiseaseRheum is a genus of about 60 perennial plants in the family Polygonaceae. A number of varieties of rhubarb have been domesticated both as medicinal plants and for human consumption. Actually,in Europe and the Middle East,rheum often refers to other edible species. In China,however,rheum is usually Rheum officinale,called drug rheum,that is mainly for medicinal.

So what's the function of Drug Rheum to Polycystic Kidney Disease? Here the simple article may can help you learn more about it. ONLINE DOCTOR may can offer you more information quickly for free.

Rheum officinale is used in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine),where it is called yào yòng dà huáng (Chinese: 药用大黄), and is also a component in the North American herbal remedy called Essiac tea. In China,drug rheum is mainly used to clear heat, purge fire and remove blood stasis.

Polycystic Kidney Disease is a kind of autosomal disease,belonging to secondary disease. There will be many various cysts on both kidneys,which increases the renal burden. Besides,as the time ann disease go on,cysts will rupture in body and cause damage to kidney. What’s worse,there are no methods that can cure the Polycystic Kidney Disease. So for patents with PKD,timely diagnosis and effective treatment are necessary to prevent and control the disease condition and complications.

Chinese medicine has better effect on patients with PKD,especially in early stage. It can improve the clinical symptoms and control,disease condition and reduce the high leve creatinine,urea nitrogen. Rheum officinale can be used to activate blood and remove stasis,which can protect and improve the kidney function. As a kind of natural,it is less side-affects to patients kidneys.

if you are puzzled by Polycystic Kidney Disease and you are finding other ways to help you,we are pleasured to recommend a conservative therapy--Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy which offers a better choice for PKD patients. Compared with Kidney Dialysis,it can prevent the disease progression and protect your remaining kidney function effectively with less side-affects.

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