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Causes of Headache with Stage 4 PKD Creatinine 7.5

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-25 17:27

Treatment to PKD & 20% Kidney Function without Dialysis

Headache is a common symptom in clinic,which refers to the ache that is confined to the upper head including that arcus superciliaris,the superior border of helix and the parts above external occipital protuberance lines.The causes of headache are various.So why PKD causes it?

PKD is caused by the autosomal disease and hereditary.Many cysts of varying dimensions will occur in both kidneys,and the situation of appearing just in one is few.What’s more,the various cysts will become larger and larger with the time and disease condition going on.What’s worse,the cysts may rupture in body and damage the kidneys.Finally,he patients condition may worsen and become ESRD.In PKD stage 4,the symptoms and complications will be worse than before.As the disease progresses,the patients condition will be more serious,and the renal function is damaged continually.Creatinine 7.5 means that the kidneys have already can’t keep the balance of internal environment in body,including balance of the water,electrolyte and the acid-base,etc.

And worst of all,the complications of PKD is related to multisystem and multiple organs.Digestive system,blood system,nervous,cardiovascular system,muscular system and so on will be problematical.In addition,cardiovascular system may cause the CVD that may influence and damage the neural function,which may cause the headache to patients.While the different patients have different disease.If you want to know more about your disease,just talk to the live doctor or email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com to get free and professional information.

Only treat the PKD fundamentally,can headache be solved.In this case,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Theory can control the disease condition and relieve the pain of patients efficiently.They all play an important role in remedy the PKD fundamentally and prolong the life-pan of patients as far as possible.If you have other problems,you can leave messages on below.

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