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Will PKD Develop Into Uremia With Growing Renal Cysts

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-12-27 15:00

Growing Renal Cysts,UremiaPolycystic Kidney Disease is a hereditary disease. Autosomal dominant genotype is common in adults. Polycystic kidney is characterized by dense cysts of varying sizes on the surface of the kidney with cystic fluid of varying characteristics. Too much renal cysts will result in renal dysfunction. Polycystic kidneys involve bilateral kidneys and are more likely to cause renal damage than simple renal cysts.

With the increase of patients'age, the number of cysts in polycystic kidney will continue to increase, cysts will also continue to increase, resulting in kidney enlargement, irregular shape, uneven surface, hardening texture. Polycystic kidney can sometimes cause compression or dull pain in the back, as well as clinical manifestations such as hypertension, hematuria and fever.

Surgical decompression of polycystic kidney can relieve the pressure of cysts on the kidney and slow down the rate of renal function decline. However, the timing of surgery should be chosen according to the individual conditions of patients to reduce the risk of surgery. Surgery can delay the renal damage caused by polycystic kidney, but the operation itself can not stop the development of polycystic kidney itself and its subsequent damage to the kidney. Moreover, different time of operation, the treatment effect may also be different. Therefore, patients with polycystic kidney disease should be assisted by a professional doctor, according to their own conditions to choose the alternative treatments.

If repeated hematuria, infection and other complications occur, some patients may also have persistent abdominal pain, low fever and other symptoms, can take Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to relieve complications and eliminate cysts fluids from the root, so PKD can be treated from the root. And it may stop the process to uremia successfully.

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