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Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Slows Down the Growth of Cyst

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-10-28 11:23

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Slows Down the Growth of CystAlthough PKD is a genetic disorder that can not be cured completely, patients can also live better with effective therapy to slow down the continuous growth of the kidney cysts. Therefore most of PKD patients wonder what is the treatment to help.

We would like to tell you that Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is invented based on this goal. See a doctor without leaving home? It’s easy. Click ONLINE DOCTOR directly and freely.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of traditional Chinese medicine. It is used to infiltrate the micronized herbs into damaged kidneys directly with the help of osmosis device. It can inhibit the abnormal proliferation of renal tubular epithelial cells and stop the secretion of lining cells to prevent the growth of cysts. It can also increase the pressure difference inside and outside of cyst walls and speed up blood circulation so that cyst fluid can be taken away. Gradually, you will find your kidney cysts are shrunken naturally without surgery. In this way, you can avoid kidney infection and inflammation.

To achieve better treatment effects, you can also combine it with other natural Chinese medicine treatments like Medicated Bath, Moxibustion therapy, Steaming therapy.

They will be chosen according to your specific illness condition, therefore, if you are interested in them, please leave your medical reports and phone number or whatsapp number to us. We will make personal treatment plan and then contact you directly. Or you can leave message in the below form. We will do utmost to help you.

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