Four Tips for High Blood Pressure Caused by PKD

2017-07-11 15:54

Four Tips for High Blood Pressure Caused by PKD,Micro-Chinese Medicine OsmotherapyAs we all know, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic disorder. For PKD patients with high blood pressure, if left untreated, it will worsen kidney function damage, causing many serious symptoms.

In general, with the damaged kidney function, kidney fibrosis will be worsened and Serum Creatinine increases. Illness condition deterioration will make blood pressure elevate again, causing heart enlargement, and finally develop into Kidney Failure.

Well then, which one should be treated first, PKD or high blood pressure?

As for high blood pressure caused by PKD, we should treat PKD first to reduce kidney burden from cysts. In this way, we can delay or block the process of renal fibrosis, to treat high blood pressure from the root.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, as an innvation of TCM, can help treat PKD from the root to achieve the above goals.

Four tips for high blood pressure caused by PKD:

1. Prevent infection again.

After treatment for PKD, patients should prevent it infection again, mainly urinary tract and kidney cysts, which are more common in female. Shower is optional; Do not hold your urine, etc.

2. Pay attention to diet.

You should control salt intake based on your illness condition and kidney function condition; Simply PKD patients do not blindly control water intake if have not obvious Edema, high blood pressure, and heart failure; Control protein intake in right amount; Avoid fermented and alcohol food, because this kind of foods will simulate the activity of polycystin to accelerate cysts growth; etc.

3. Pay attention to rest.

Patients should not only prevent mental fatigue, but also prevent physical fatigue. If various organs functions are imbalance caused by mental fatigue, other diseases will appear, which will also accelerate kidney damage and deterioration. Physical fatigue will produce lots of toxins in body, worsening kidney function damage.

4. Active attitude.

PKD is related to congenital and acquired factors, while acquired factors can be controlled. Thus patients do not be pessimistic but be active to face the disease and family members also should help patient foster confidence to conquer the disease.

Kindly Reminder: Majority of PKD are genetic disorder. If you have PKD, please pay attention to whether your child has or not. If there is family history have PKD, please go to hospital for examination timely, to treat and control timely.


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