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Can PKD Be Cured

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-04-09 11:08

Can PKD Be CuredQ: Hello!! My one question is about PKD and gradually damaged kidney. I am suffering from PKD but I don’t know is it curable or not.

A: As we all know, Polycystic Kidney Disease (PKD) is a genetic kidney disorder, which can not be cured usually. But it does not mean patients with PKD can not live a higher quality life. Effective and proper treatment can help them achieve this goal.

Prompt treatment for PKD is needed.

There are many small and big cysts in kidneys. Without timely management and control, the size of Kidney Cysts will become large and large. As a result, the enlarged cysts will oppress the normal tissues and cells in kidneys, causing kidney damage and kidney functions lost. Patients may suffer from some severe complications or symptoms, which may threaten their life.

Dialysis or Kidney Transplant will be suggested to help prolong their life or control the symptoms. Nowadays, increasing patients are prone to choose Chinese medicines for Kidney Failure.

Specific Traditional Chinese Medicine Treatment for Treating PKD

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, as an effective treatment, is recommended. It is usually applied to restore the diseased cells and tissues. Compared with the traditionaltreatments, it is an external application therapy that is safe and comfortable. In order to improve its efficiency, these herbal medicines it used will be micronized and put into two bags. Patients just need lie on the bed for about 30 to 40mins.

It can not only prevent the growth of cysts in epithelial cells but also increase blood circulation to improve cystic fluid secretion. In this way, PKD can be controlled well and you can live a higher quality life.

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