Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment, How to treat PKD

How to treat PKD? Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and surgery are used commonly as Polycystic Kidney Disease treatments.

    Chinese Medicines Decrease Creatinine 5.68 in PKD

    High Creatinine Level 5.68 signifies that PKD patients’ renal function has been lost more than 50%. It is very essential to take proper and efficient treatment. Chinese medicines are strongly recommended to decrease high creatinine and shr...

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    Does Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Work for PKD

    Hi Dr, does this Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy treatment work for PKD? I have 30% function and my family history is everyone on Dialysis by 67. I am fit and being treated for high blood pressure as a result of PKD. Please tell me more a...

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