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What Symptoms Will Patient With PKD Have

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-15 14:09

What Symptoms Will Patient With PKD HavePKD is a common kidney disease. As we know, kidney is the organ that is in charge of removing the wastes in blood, so kidney disease can cause patient to have many symptoms.

Back pain

This is a common symptom in patient with PKD, that will become more severer as patient’s disease progresses. Patient will have pain in his back and around his kidneys, and patient can also have pain in his abdomen.

Enlarged kidney

Patient with PKD will have enlarged kidney, and this symptom will be more obvious as its progression. Patient can touch the lump in his stomach, and for patient in the late stage of PKD, his enlarged kidneys can fill the whole abdomen.


Patients with PKD also often have high blood pressure, which has close relation with the oppression in kidney. Hypertension is caused by PKD, and that can aggravate patient’s condition obviously. For PKD patient who has hypertension, his cysts can grow more quickly.

Blood urine

Blood urine is also a common symptom in patient with PKD. Patients with PKD can have microscopic hematuria and gross hematuria, but microscopic hematuria is more likely to be seen, and gross hematuria often has close relation with the rupture of the blood vessels on cyst wall.

Renal efficiency

PKD patient often have renal insufficiency. In fact, PKD patient often does not have renal insufficiency before forty years old, and about half patients still have kidney function when they are seventy. But there are also cases that patient has kidney failure when they are in youth.

Polycystic liver

This is also a common symptom in patient with PKD, and about half PKD patient may have it.

These are the common symptoms that often appear in patient with kidney disease. Besides, as PKD patient’s condition become severer, patient can have many other symptoms, like fatigue, itching, loss of appetite, etc.

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