How Can PKD Patients Do to Treat the High Blood Pressure?

2014-03-04 14:13

How Can PKD Patients Do to Treat the High Blood Pressure?For almost all the Kidney Disease patients,high blood pressure is dangerous to deterioration of the disease. Especially for the patients with PKD(Polycystic Kidney Disease),high blood pressure is the common symptom of it. So what can patients do to treat the high blood pressure?

High blood pressure is a life-threatening disease that may cause patients death. Besides,high blood pressure is also the fuse of many diseases that may increase the risk of Coronary Heart Disease,Herat Failure and kidney disease,etc. Because some patients with high blood pressure just have the less obvious clinical symptoms,high blood pressure is called “Invisible Killer”. Especially for Kidney Disease patients,controlling the level of high blood pressure is very urgent.

If you are diagnosed with PKD and high blood pressure,don’t worry,there are several therapy that can help you to control it. If you want to know more about it,just talk to live doctor or leave message on below to get the more detailed and professional guidance fo free.

1. Dietotherapy

Improving your living habit is beneficial to control the level of blood pressure. Losing your weight can do much to limit your blood pressure. Besides,to reduce the intake of salt and supplement the salt and potassium is also good. Moreover,reducing the fat intake,increasing the exercise,stopping smoking and limiting drinking are also beneficial to your disease condition.

2. Drug Therapy

If PKD patients are diagnosed with high blood pressure,their doctor may advise them to take some medicine to control the disease process. Such as the calcium channel blockers,ACEI,Diuretics and so on.

3. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

 It is characterized by external Chinese medicine that can control the high blood pressure and inflammatory response effectively. Further more,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy improve the blood flow and microcirculation,which can relieve the high blood pressure largely. In addition,it can also remedy the PKD fundamentally.

If you have other questions,just talk to live doctor or leave message ob below about your disease condition and we will offer you the more detailed and professional guidance freely.

Hope you are happier.

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