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How Does PKD Cause High Blood Pressure

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-23 16:06

How Does PKD Cause High Blood Pressure ?High blood pressure,called hypertension,is a chronic disease with the increased arterial blood pressure,which increases the heart burden when heart transports blood. What’s worse,the high blood pressure may also worsen the disease condition and lead damage to various systems and organs. So knowing more about hypertension is good for patients to control the disease condition and reduce the risk of severe complications.

Actually,high blood pressure is common to see in patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease. There are mainly 2 reasons that cause this situation. One is the influence of renin and the other is the retention of water and sodium.

Owing to the damaged kidneys,the renal function is not regular and effective,which effects the production of renin. The cysts will oppress the kidneys and the decreased renin will also cause the increase the blood volume,leading to the high blood pressure.

On the other hand,the damaged kidneys can not eliminate the overmuch water,waste and metabolite,which may cause the retention of water and sodium,resulting in the hypertension.

These are the main reasons of high blood pressure in PKD patients. For patients with PKD,high blood pressure is a potential danger that may worsen the renal disease and cause some severe and life-threatening complications. So controlling the high blood pressure is very important to control the patients condition.

Some Western medicine are useful for PKD patients to control and reduce their high blood pressure. Such as the ACEI.ARB,Calcium Channel Blockers,and so on. Compared with these medicine,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has less side-affects to control the patients condition. It can relieve the symptoms and improve the environment inside the body effectively. Besides,it can also enhance the quality of life and prolong the life-pan of patients as far as possible.

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