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Why Does Polycystic Kidney Disease Patient Have a Fever

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-26 10:55

Why Does Polycystic Kidney Disease Patient Have a FeverThe prevalence of fever in Polycystic Kidney Disease patients is usually more common than that in general population. Why does PKD increase the incidence of fever? How to deal with it radically?

Fever and Polycystic Kidney Disease

Characterized by numerous cysts in kidneys, Polycystic Kidney Disease can cause a series of symptoms. Among them, fever is common. Generally speaking, three conditions can lead to fever associated with PKD.

1. Kidney infection: It is reported that about 30 to 50 percent of PKD patients will have at least once kidney infection during their lifetime. Fever and back pain are commonly the primary symptoms of kidney infection. In this case, if you still have high level of kidney function, you may need to take antibiotics and drink enough water.

2. Cyst hemorrhage: Besides fluid, some blood is also involved in PKD renal cysts. With the growth of kidney cysts, any knock on kidney area may cause hemorrhagic cysts, thus resulting in persistent fever. At this moment, shrinking kidney cysts is the key of the whole treatment.

3. The rupture of kidney cysts: The risk of kidney cyst ruptures increases with the expansion of kidney cysts. This problem usually accompanies with blood urine, flank pain and fever.

Effective treatments for fever caused by Polycystic Kidney Disease

To manage fever for PKD patients effectively, the first step should be to deal with the underlying causes with doctor’s guidance. Then, some treatments for shrinking kidney cysts should also be taken, because only if all PKD renal cysts keep in small size, can PKD complications be reduced. Here, you can try Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. On one hand, it can help shrink kidney cysts, by draining sac fluid and inhibiting the secretion of fluid. On the other hand, this therapy is able to improve patients’ kidney function and stop the progress of PKD. If you want to get a treatment plan in detail, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message below to them.


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