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Alleviate High Creatinine for PKD with Chinese Medicine

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2015-08-30 15:09

Alleviate High Creatinine for PKD with Chinese MedicineHow to alleviate Creatinine 4.7 with Chinese medicine? The most important point is to get early treatment in order to prevent further increase of this level and normalize high creatinine level. Given below are our suggestions for your reference. Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

As is known, creatinine level is an indicator of how well the kidneys are functioning. The normal level is around 0.5-1.2. When this level begin to increase, about 50% or more of renal function has been damaged.

Hence, when creatinine of a Polycystic Kidneys patient goes up to 4.7, the patient's kidney function have been seriously damaged. Generally speaking, kidney patient in this case has developed into Stage 3 Kidney Disease.

What’s cause of creatinine 4.7 in PKD

We have found that the underlying cause of this high level is severe kidney damage. So why the kidneys get impaired? Actually, the fundamental cause results from continual enlargement of cysts on the kidneys. Big cysts will suppress the surround tissues, thus leading to renal impairment.

How to treat creatinine 4.7 in PKD from the root?

To solve this kidney problem fundamentally, patient should seek for prompt medicine treatment which can inhibit the growth of kidney cysts, protect the remaining renal function, shrink the cysts in size, repair the damage renal cells and tissues, thus gradually restore the renal function. Only by doing this, symptoms like high creatinine level will disappear naturally and patients can enjoy a productive, normal life.

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