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Can seafood be eaten by PKD patients in 25% renal function

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-31 19:22

Seafood refers to the cuisine cooked by marine animal,including fish,shrimps,shellfish,etc.Seafood has a large of advantages that can improve our body condition.Various seafood has different effect to our health.But can the patients with Polycystic Kidney Disease(PKD) in 25 renal function eat it?

PKD,caused by the autosomal disease,is a kind of hereditary disease.Various cysts will appear in both kidneys,sometimes just in one.What’s more,the cysts will be bigger and bigger,even rupture as the time and the patients condition go on,which will result in the damage on renal.Finally,the worse patients condition will lead to the ESRD.

That the patients with PKD in 25 renal function means the patients condition is precessing into PKD stage 4,and the disease becomes worse and worse.Renal function has been damage seriously,and it can’t keep the balance of internal environment in body.

So when the lots of body protein is eliminated,can PKD patients eat more protein-rich seafood to supplement protein?

The answer is no.

Because of the PKD precess,the patients’renal function is damaged too severe to excrete the BUN as well as creatinine.But the protein in seafood is mainly collagen of which nutritional value is lower.In addition,utilization rate of the human body is low too,so it will produce more BUN,creatinine,which will add burden on kidneys.

According to above,low protein intake is necessary.However,high quality protein intake must be improved,such as the fish,lean meat,etc.

The patients with PKD should be attentive to their diet and do not add the nutrition blindly.The wrong diet will effect the treatment of PKD. Of course,a healthy diet can’t cure the disease,so the efficient and timely therapy is necessary.Like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy or TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) therapies are effective to remedy the PKD.

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