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Is Blueberry Good For Patient With PKD

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-26 13:35

Is Blueberry Good For Patient With PKDThere are many restrictions in the diet of patient who has PKD, and is blueberry good for patient with PKD?

Blueberry is native to America. It has delicious taste, and it has high nutritive value, and that is why it is popular around the world.

For patients who have PKD, blueberry is a good choice for them, because it can take many benefits to them.

High calcium content

Patient with PKD is easy to have electrolyte disorder, and patient often have the shortage of calcium, which can cause patient to have renal osteopath. For patient whose renal osteopathy is very severe, he can even have fracture and bone deformation. While blueberry is well known for its high content of calcium, and that can help prevent this problem.

Improving immunity

Blueberry contains abundant antioxidant, and antioxidant can help promote our immune system. As we know, infection can aggravate patient’s condition severely, so well immunity is very good for patent with PKD.

Protecting cardiovascular system

Blueberry contain a lot of pectin, and pectin can dilute fat, and reduce cholesterol effectively. This function of blueberry can help prevent cardiovascular disease, which is very beneficial for patient’s cardiovascular health. On the other hand, cardiovascular disease is a very severe complication for patient with kidney disease, and that is the same to patient with PKD. In fact, cardiovascular disease is very dangerous for patient with kidney disease, and many death cases are caused by this complication. Thereby, blueberry is very helpful in preventing this problem.

Improving eyesight

Another obvious benefit that blueberry can take to patient is it can help improve eyesight.

Blueberry contain abundant vitamin A, and it also contains anthocyanin. These substances are important for patient’s eye health. They can reduce asthenopia, and promote the synthesis of retina and rhodopsin, which can improve eyesight and help prevent shortsightedness.

Thereby, blueberry is very good for patient with PKD, but patient should also be careful when he is going to take it, because too much of any nutrient is not good, and it is better for patient to consult the dietitian’s advice when he is going to make it into his eating plan.


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