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NO Liquor for PKD Patients in Their Daily Life

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-10-07 17:02

NO Liquor for PKD Patients in Their Daily LifeMany of us have the habit to drink something in our daily life or after a meal. That sounds wonderful. But liquor is also a taboo for most of patients because it will lead to many side affects and damage. Here the article will list the disadvantage of liquor for PKD patients,hoping this can help you learn more about your disease and take better care of yourselves. Online Doctor can offer more details about this or your disease condition directly and quickly for free.

For most of patients,drinking is harmful . It will reduce the pesticide effect or cause toxic side effects with neutralizing of other medicine,which will induce or worsen patients’ disease condition. So it is necessary for patients to stop drinking.

Drinking will cause a huge impact and stimulation on kidneys. So it is not good for PKD patients to drink liquor. According to studies,especially the white spirit,it will stimulate polycystic protein activity,accelerate the cyst fluid secretion and promote the cyst growth. Thus patients disease condition will be worsened. In some times,it is life-threatening for patients.

Drinking will also effect the nitrogen balance in human,increase the decomposition of protein and the urea nitrogen content in blood,which will increase the renal burden perforce. For patients with PKD or renal insufficiency,it is the obstacle that effect the renal repair.

Drinking will increases patients’ blood pressure and creatinine. Its decomposition will also lead to the metabolic acidosis. In clinic,patients will suffer from nausea,loss of appetite,depression,headache,and so on. Long-term drinking will also cause anemia,bleeding,hyperlipidemia, atherosclerosis,and so on.

Above these are the damages of drink. So it is necessary for PKD patients to keep away from liquor and take timely and effective treatments to solve the renal lesions.

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