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Glucocorticoid Should Be Used with Caution for Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-05-07 10:08

Glucocorticoid Should Be Used with Caution for Nephrotic SyndromePrimary Nephrotic Syndrome in children is most common. The permeability of GBM (glomerular basement membrane) will increase caused by various reasons, and in clinic,it is characterized by massive proteinuria,hypoproteinemia,hyperlipidaemia (HLP) and edema. In the process of treatment,it is common to use the hormonotherapy to control and relieve patients disease condition.  Contact ONLINE DOCTOR to get more details quickly and directly for free.

Glucocorticoid is a kind of steroid hormone drugs secreted by adrenal cortex or be synthetic. It can be used to adjust the biosynthesis and the metabolism. In clinic,owing to the strong anti-inflammatory allergy effect,it is widely taken to control and ease the disease developing.

Nephrotic Syndrome is a group of clinical syndromes,so it can not indicate severity of kidney disease. However,these symptoms will cause some serious complications that may effect patients daily life or even worsen their disease condition.

In order to control children’s renal damage,doctor may advise to take diuretic and glucocorticoid to ease the disease condition. However,the long-standing use of glucocorticoids make it easier to be vulnerable to infections,influencing the curative effect. The common infections contains skin infection,ulcer,urinary infection and so on. What’s worse,the use of glucocorticoids will effect the symptoms caused by infectious diseases,causing the neglect and worsening the disease condition.

So it is necessary for patients to pay more attention to the use of glucocorticoids. In general, do not use hormone therapy. Patients had better take glucocorticoids after the detailed observation and inspection,

TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) recommends patients take some conservative treatments to protect their remaining renal function. Natural herbs and special treatments are beneficial for limiting easing patients’ disease condition with less side affects.

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