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What Is A Healthy Lifestyle for Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-02-19 14:39

What Is A Healthy Lifestyle for Nephrotic SyndromeAll people know that aggressive treatment is important for treating Nephrotic Syndrome, but may not realize that a healthy lifestyle also plays an indispensable role in slowing down the progression to Kidney Failure. Healthy lifestyle contains several aspects. As space limited, we just list some of them. For more information, please click the button besides. And then free online service is available.

Healthy Eating

We can not live without eating. Healthy eating helps improve the symptoms of Nephrotic Syndrome. Low protein diet helps reduce protein leakage, but to satisfy the need of body, you can moderately eat high quality protein, such as lean meat and egg white. Low fat helps lower the high blood cholesterol level, but you can eat proper unsaturated fatty acid, such as fish oil and flaxseed oil. Low sodium and fluid intake can alleviate edema, so salt, processed food and so on should be limited. Food high in vitamins and other antioxidants helps fight disease, so kiwi fruit, pomegranate, onion, pepper, etc should be taken more.

Physical fitness

Regular exercise also helps control some of your symptoms, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol level, fatigue, low mood and so on. As to the type of exercise, duration, frequency and intension, they should be made according to your medical condition.

Adequate rest

Having a good rest helps your body to replenish itself and gives your body to rebuild its cells. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and affect your life quality.

Stress Management

Nephrotic Syndrome may make you feel down, so you should pay attention to adjust your mood. It is said that laughter releases endorphins, boosts immune system, increases blood flow and relaxes your body.

Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol increase your risk of heart disease, so you had better avoid them.

Healthy lifestyle can promote your health and well-being, so you should attach importance. I believe if you can combine aggressive treatment and healthy lifestyle together, you can live a much better life.


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