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What Is the Radical Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome in Children

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-10-10 11:55

What Is the Radical Therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome in ChildrenCurrently the treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in children is focusing on how to control Proteinuria, Hematuria and other symptoms, but the results are not ideal. Well then, what is the radical therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome in children?

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Common therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome

In clinic, the most common therapy is steroid treatment for Nephrotic Syndrome in children. It is because western medicine has no good methods to treat kidney problem, just can control the symptoms with medicines. Most people may have obvious improvement after taking the medicine. But once you start steroids, the drugs will have side-effects and are often addictive.

Besides, long-term usage of steroids is bad for the growth of human body, especially for children.

Radical therapy for Nephrotic Syndrome in children

It is the key of the treatment that you should choose the right method. Here we suggest TCM treatment which can reduce the side-effects of steroids and increase curative effects. What is more, Chinese medicines can regulate the patient’s autoimmune function, prevent inflammation and coagulation, prevent renal fibrosis, promote fibrinolysis, reduce platelet aggregation so as to increase glomerular filtration rate, improve the permeability of glomerular capillaries and restore renal function.

As long as kidney is repaired well, proteinuria will disappear naturally and the illness condition progression can be inhibited to prevent its relapse.

The Chinese medicine treatments include Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Medicated Bath, Steaming Therapy, etc.

Diet attention: In diet, pay attention to low-salt and high-quality protein diet, such as lean meat, egg white, milk, et.

* Pay attention to prevent cold and upper respiratory infection (URI).

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