Why Hormones Can Not Treat Nephrotic Syndrome Completely

2017-06-30 15:08

Why Hormones Can Not Treat Nephrotic Syndrome CompletelyAs for Nephrotic Syndrome, Edema and Proteinuria are common symptoms. Hormones usually are used to treat them. However, long-term usage may cause many side effects like moon face. Why hormones can not treat Nephrotic Syndrome completely?

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Why hormones can not treat Nephrotic Syndrome completely?

1. Long-term glucocorticoids application can cause water, salt, sugar, protein and fat metabolism disorder, and make adrenocortical hyperfunction occur. The manifestation is central obesity, causing calcium absorption disorder, osteoporosis and even spontaneous fracture.

2. Glucocorticoids can decline human body’s ability of preventing disease, benefit for virus growth and spread, to induce or worsen infection.

3. Glucocorticoids can promote proteolysis, delay the development of granulation tissue and prevent injuries or surgical wounds and other ulcers heal.

4. Glucocorticoids have the function of fighting growth hormones. Children take them for a long term will hinder the bone growth and protein synthesis, affecting their growth and development. For the pregnant, glucocorticoids also can cause fetal malformation.

5. Long-term glucocorticoids treatment may cause these original symptoms occur rapidly or go worse if reduce dosage quickly or stop suddenly. Even cause muscle pain, muscle rigidity, joint pain, etc, called withdrawal symptoms.

Now you have basic understanding about why hormones can not treat Nephrotic Syndrome completely. To be honest, except hormones, Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment is good choice without side effects, which has been used to treat thousands of patients with kidney disease.

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