Cause and Treatment for Frequent Proteinuria Relapse

2017-06-10 09:46

Radical Therapy Replaces Steroids for Nephrotic Syndrome

Protein leakage is a common clinical manifestation of Nephrotic Syndrome. Even though protein leakage can be controlled with some steroids, it relapses frequently. Well then, what is the cause and treatment for frequent Proteinuria relapse?

Cause of frequent proteinuria relapse

In Nephrotic Syndrome, the glomerular membranes are damaged and fail to hold the protein effectively. In this case, protein will leak into urine forming proteinuria. Some oral western medicines such as prednisone as the common therapy are used to control proteinuria. The symptom is controlled well but the kidney damage still exists. When patients reduce medicine dose, stop taking medicine or develop risky factors, protein leakage appears again.

Treatment for frequent proteinuria relapse

Since protein leakage appears due to damaged glomerular filtration membrane, for Nephrotic Syndrome patients, if they want to treat protein leakage radically, treatment that can repair kidney damages is needed. On the basis of this, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. It is a herbal treatment which can repair injured kidney intrinsic cells and tissues. Actually, when kidney damages are repaired and kidney function improved, not only protein leakage problem is solved fundamentally, but also other symptoms like Swelling, low blood protein level and high blood lipid level are alleviated successfully.

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