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Medical Management of Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-01-04 16:06

Medical Management of Nephrotic SyndromeNephrotic Syndrome is a kidney disorder characterized by edema, proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia and hyperlipidaemia. The medical management of Nephrotic Syndrome often aims at controlling your signs and symptoms or threat complications of Nephrotic Syndrome.


Diuretics is helpful for controlling swelling by increasing the output of your kidneys’ fluid. The common diuretics include thiazide, loop diuretics and potassium-sparing diuretics. You can choose the suitable one depending on your medical condition.


Immunosuppressor, such as corticosteroids are often used to control the immune system and decrease the inflammation. It conduces to eliminating proteinuria and hematuria.

Cholesterol-reducing medications

Statins belong to cholesterol-reducing medication. They include rosuvastatin, simvastatin, lovastatin, atorvastatin and so on.

Hypotensive drugs

ACE inhibitors and ARB are often prescribed by doctors to lower blood pressure. They can also reduce the amount of protein released in urine as well as preserving kidney function.

Blood thinners

Blood thinners may also be used to decrease your blood’s ability to clot and reduce your risk of developing blood clot.

Under normal circumstances, Nephrotic Syndrome symptoms can be under controlled by these medical management. But it is likely for your state of illness to relapse. To eliminate Nephrotic Syndrome, you have to find fundamental cause and take corresponding treatment. Only in this way can you live a healthy and normal life.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine takes effect slowly in treating disease. But they are almost natural, which means that they have no side effects and you can take them for long-term. TCM has the function of regulating your whole body.

The above drugs are in some way related to the treatment of Nephrotic Syndrome, but they can not substitute for your doctor’s judgment. If you need our help, please contact our online doctors or leave us a message.


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