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Moringa To Treat Nephrotic Syndrome

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-12-29 10:24

Moringa To Treat Nephrotic SyndromeMoringa is honored highly as the tree of life for their so many medicinal properties. As told by nephrologists, moringa can help treat some Nephrotic Syndrome patients, because of their nourishing and anti-oxidant effects. Well then, how to use moringa to treat Nephrotic Syndrome?

1. Moringa is rich in amino acids

The moringa leaves have 18 amino acids, most of which are essential amino acids. This makes moringa an excellent source of high-quality protein. For people with Nephrotic Syndrome, a large amount of protein leakage is more likely to cause malnutrition, so dietitian usually recommends high-quality protein for them.

2. Moringa contains high amount of calcium

To control Nephrotic Syndrome, steroids and immunosuppressants are often used. However, one side effect of these medications is bone disease, because more calcium is pulled out of the bone. In view of this, these Nephrotic Syndrome patients should eat high-calcium foods or calcium supplements. Moringa is just one good choice.

3. Moringa has anti-oxidant property

It is reported that vitamin C is one natural anti-oxidant substance. Moringa provides people with seven times of vitamin C in oranges, so it can protect Nephrotic Syndrome patients from infections, inflammatory reactions and further kidney damage.

4. Moringa is a good source of Zinc

Zinc is one mineral that can help slow down the progression of chronic kidney disease, while Nephrotic Syndrome is just one type of chronic kidney disease. If aggravating quickly, Nephrotic Syndrome may develop to kidney failure. Zinc is helpful to delay kidney failure.

Cautions for using moringa

Even though moringa is able to help treat Nephrotic Syndrome, it doesn’t mean all patients with this kidney disease can consume it. This is because moringa is also rich in potassium and other substances. If the person is tested out high potassium level or he is allergic to moringa, they are recommended to avoid it. Describe your illness condition in the below form, so nephrologists here can tell you whether you can use moringa.


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