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Top 4 Symptoms Of Nephrotic Syndrome and Their Managements

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2013-11-09 14:15

Top 4 Symptoms Of Nephrotic Syndrome and Their ManagementsNephrotic Syndrome describes as a group of symptoms and signs occur. With this kidney disease, glomeruli are usually damaged in different extents. Good managements of these symptoms can help treat Nephrotic Syndrome.

Top 1: Proteinuria and its managements

A large amount of protein spilling into the urine is the typical symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome. In most cases, these patients’ urine tests show the amount of protein in urine is above 3.5g/d. If left alone, proteinuria can cause further damage to glomeruli and worsen patients’ condition.

Steroids have a quick and effective benefit in managing proteinuria. Also, patients should restrict the protein intake to reduce the burden on kidneys.

Top 2: Swelling and its managements

A lot of protein leakage can cause low plasma colloid osmotic pressure. This can lead fluid to retain in tissue space. When glomeruli are damaged, kidneys can’t remove extra fluid and sodium from the body properly. In view of this, swelling occurs easily.

To deal with swelling, patients should firstly restrict the intake of fluid and sodium. For example, avoid bacon, canned foods, processed foods, salty condiments, etc. If necessary, some diuretics may be needed.

Top 3: High cholesterol level

This symptom occurs as a consequence of increased formation of protein in liver. This problem can increase the risk for cardiovascular diseases and the progression of Nephrotic Syndrome developing to kidney failure.

In the daily life, patients should avoid high-cholesterol foods including animal oil, fat meat, whole milk, yolk, and so on.

Top 4: Hypoalbuminemia

A large amount of protein leaking from the kidneys is the reason for hypoalbuminemia. This symptom can result in a series of problems such as infections, lack of trace elements and low immunity.

To treat it, taking in high-quality protein such as fish and egg white is helpful. Besides, in some cases, albumin infusion is also needed.

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