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How to Treat Massive proteinuria of NS with Creatinine 5.2?

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2014-03-08 10:44

How to Treat Massive proteinuria of NS with Creatinine 5.2NS,called Nephrotic Syndrome,is a group of clinical symptoms caused by various reasons. It has 4 clinical characteristics: massive proteinuria,hypoproteinemia,HLP (hyperlipidaemia) and edema.

Creatinine 5.2 signifies that kidneys are damaged badly and the disease condition is worsen into stage 4. In this stage,these symptoms and complications are more serious than before. Owing to the damage on kidneys,the most obvious manifestation of Nephrotic Syndrome is the increased permeability of glomerular basement membrane(GBM) with the decline of GFR(Glomerular Filtration Rate). Massive proteinuria is the main clinical manifestations of patients with NS. Because the filtration function of glomerular is damaged badly,a lot of protein is excreted into urine. With time and disease condition going on,the leakage of proteinuria will be worse and worse.

For all most patients with Nephrotic Syndrome,massive proteinuria is a less optimistic that represents the deterioration of the renal disease. Most of patients are anxious about this symptoms even feel hopeless because they know that there are no very good methods to treat it. Another case is that many patients did not want to take dialysis or do kidney transplant to maintain their life. So are there other treatments can control even treat the massive proteinuria effectively?

As a characteristic external traditional medicine,Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy has less side-affects to control the symptoms and complications. It can control the high blood pressure and inflammatory reaction to improve the blood flow and microcirculation largely. Thus it offers a better space for renal repair that remedy the disease fundamentally.

If you have other questions about Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy,ask the live doctor to get what you what to know. Besides,if you want to get more detailed and profession guidance for your own,you can leave message on below or Email to kidney-healthy@hotmail.com about your disease condition and we are glad to help you.

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