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What Are The Early Symptoms Of Nephrotic Syndrome In Children

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2018-09-06 10:15

Nephrotic Syndrome,Early SymptomsChildren with Nephrotic Syndrome not only bring pain to children, but also let family life cast a shadow, so understanding the common sense of the disease is essential for early detection and treatment. What are the early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children?

Striated body

Some children with nephrotic syndrome have striations on their bodies, most commonly in the thighs and upper arms, abdomen and chest, where skin white lines or purple lines resemble those of pregnant women.

Urine abnormality

Children with nephrotic syndrome may suddenly have frequent nocturnal urination, darkened urine color, decreased urine volume, increased urinary foam and other phenomena. Because of the lack of awareness of disease in children themselves, even if found urine abnormalities, but will not pay attention to, so parents in daily life to pay more attention to children's daily behavior.


The most obvious early symptom of nephrotic syndrome in children is anemia. Mild to moderate anemia can occur in children with diabetic nephropathy with azolemia. Parents should not overlook the symptoms of anemia in children, because anemia in the body's immune decline can also lead to various complications of children with nephrotic syndrome. It should be noted that this anemia is caused by erythrocytogenetic disorders, so iron treatment is ineffective.


What are the early symptoms of nephrotic syndrome in children? In the early stage of the disease, only intermittent albuminuria occurs, which gradually turns to persistent albuminuria as the disease progresses. Early stage of the disease was selective proteinuria, and later became non selective proteinuria.


The degree of edema is different in children, and the two limbs can have obvious edema. The edema was changed by gravity. The edema of eyelids, posterior head and sacrum was the most obvious in the long time lying in bed or in the morning. The edema of lower limbs was obvious after exercise. Edema is a significant symptom in a certain stage of the disease in children with nephrotic syndrome. Some children can subside spontaneously after several months or 1 to 2 years. The degree of edema is often related to sodium intake, accompanied by a decrease in urine volume.

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