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Nephrotic Syndrome: Natural Treatment for 9-year-old Child with Edema

Provided by Expert Yang Hongtao on : 2017-05-19 11:09

Nephrotic Syndrome: Natural Treatment for 9-year-old Child with Edema,ImmunotherapyPatient: “My son he is 9yrs 6 months old. I just find out he has Nephrotic Syndrome due to severe Edema and I am stress about his condition, I don’t know what to offer him and treatment?”

Doctor: I have seen your message left to our ONLINE DOCTOR who is the assistant of the doctor. Here we will introduce the treatment for your son. Please go on reading.

1. The factors of Nephrotic Syndrome with Edema

As we all know our kidney is responsible for filtering the extra wastes and fluid out of the body. Furthermore, it will maintain the necessary materials in the body. However, in Nephrotic Syndrome, the glomerular filtration rate is declined and glomeruli can not maintain the protein effectively, finally causing large amount of protein leakage.

The protein in the blood reduces, so that plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, fluid flows to intercellular space, leading to Edema.

2. Natural treatment for edema

Chinese medicine is recommended to treat edema in Nephrotic Syndrome. Through years of clinical practice, Chinese experts have created a series of unique Chinese treatments based on TCM. One of them is Immunotherapy, which is an effective treatment for edema from the root.

This therapy is a combination of western medicine and Chinese medicine, which can repair the kidney damage, reduce the protein leakage in urine, and control edema naturally. What is more, Chinese medicine materials can stimulate kidney self-cure ability to improve renal function.

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