Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Treat Edema in Legs

2017-04-05 14:29

Nephrotic Syndrome: How to Treat Edema in LegsEdema is a common symptom of Nephrotic Syndrome. It attacks both kids and adults. But do you know why edema appears in Nephrotic Syndrome and how to treat edema in legs?

Why edema appears in Nephrotic Syndrome?

Basically, the main cause of edema in Nephrotic Syndrome is large amount of protein leakage. Favorable protein is used for our body’s energy. But in nephritic syndrome, the kidneys structure is damaged, causing large amount of protein leak out in urine through kidneys and blood. As a result, the amount of protein in blood reduces so that plasma colloid osmotic pressure decreases, fluid flows to intercellular space, leading to edema in legs, eyelid or face, and other parts of the body.

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How to treat edema in legs for nephritic syndrome patients?

From the above analysis, we can see that if you want to treat edema radically, the proper and efficient treatment should control the protein leakage. Fundamentally speaking, we should repair the damaged kidney tissues and cells to control protein leakage.

Treatment ways:

Diuretic can help discharge extra fluids in our body, however, it just can control the symptom in short time. Therefore, repairing kidney lesion is urgent and necessary.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a great innovation on the basis of TCM, which can not only repair the damaged kidney tissues, but also protect the residual kidney function to protect their from further lost.

Friendly diet in daily life:

If you are edema patient, you should control the intake of water, and take friendly diet in daily life which can reduce the burden of kidney.

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